Artist Bio

The Fizz

Early in 1981, four complete strangers sat in the  drawing room of a house in Fulham and were told: “you are now Bucks Fizz”.

In the eight weeks between that first meeting and appearing on “A Song for Europe” on 11th March 1981, Bucks Fizz were hurled into a melee of rehearsing, recording, routining, styling, interviews and photography.  All that hard work and effort was to pay dividends – they went on to win the Song For Europe in the UK and Eurovision Song Contest 1981 and became household names around the world.

With over 20 singles released over the next few years including 3 number ones, “My Camera Never Lies“, “Land Of Make Believe” and of course, “Making Your Mind Up”, they sold in excess of 15 million records, spending 219 weeks in the UK charts alone!

Over the years, each member of Bucks Fizz went their own way but in 2008, Cheryl, Mike and Jay were reunited for a television show, “Pop Goes The Band” . Along with Bobby McVay, himself “Eurovision Royalty”, having represented the UK in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest with the group, Sweet Dreams, and the song, “I’m Never Giving Up”,  they can now be seen at festivals, eighties weekends, private functions and theatres regularly throughout the UK and beyond.  This year has been   their busiest for years with  UK tours and  countless retro festivals across the UK.

Mike Stock has produced a new single and album with them  – The F-Z of Pop – which was Album of The Week on BBC Radio 2 and entered the Top 40 at  number 25.

If you love the eighties and want to sing and dance to pure eighties pop music, watch all the familiar routines, hear the harmonies that Bucks Fizz are famous for and re-live that iconic moment when the skirts were ripped off, then THE FIZZ is that band!